Money Benefits

Money Benefits

Affordability & Fees

Corrective eye surgery is an excellent investment in your quality of life.

Viewpoint Vision will strive to make it affordable for every patient. Financial considerations should not be the most significant hurdle in your decision to have surgery.

Your eyes are unique and that is why we insist on offering the most advanced techniques and technology at a price you can afford.

Our prices are fully inclusive and this will include all your follow up for up to 1 year, 24-hour access to your surgeon by mobile phone and any necessary enhancements within 1 year. Remember the price you are quoted is the price you pay – there are no hidden extras!


(This includes a comprehensive assessment with latest technology and opportunity to obtain definitive answers to all your questions about your eye surgery and your suitability from Mr. Chitkara. This fee is deductible should you decide to go ahead with treatment.)

Our treatment prices for corrective eye surgery range from £995 to £4300 per eye for the most complex prescription e.g. Piggyback lens implants.

Please note: Our surgical expertise, extensive screening, pioneering technology and a commitment to outstanding customer service mean that we can’t possibly consider price matching.


Although most insurance companies do not cover corrective eye surgery, Viewpoint Vision and its surgeons are recognised by all private medical insurers. Patients with private medical insurance may be able to recover some, or all, of their consultation fees from their insurers.

We do not give preference to any one provider and cover is based on your individual policy.

You are required to contact your insurance company prior to surgery or any consultation to gain their authorisation and ensure you are covered before attending your consultation.

Please note: there may be a difference between the treatment fees charged by Viewpoint and payment received from the insurance company. We will inform of the likely shortfall and you will be responsible for payment of any shortfall.

Tax Benefits

While corrective eye surgery is elective surgery and not covered, it may be tax deductible depending on your filing status. Please consult your accountant. Many patients choose to use their Tax refund or inheritance to pay for surgery; an investment that can last a lifetime.

Patient Feedback

"I had lasik eye surgery in December and I am so pleased with my results! I am only 21 and have always had trouble with my eyes so to now be able to see better than 20/20 is amazing. Deepak made me feel at ease through out all of my appointments and especially on the day of my surgery. I would most definitely recommend viewpoint vision. Thanks so much Deepak!"

Olivia W

Money Benefits

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