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Why Choose us?

We are one of the leading corrective surgery clinic in UK, with a fantastic reputation!

We have established a reputation as one of the pioneering centre for refractive surgery over many years.

We have an enviable reputation and expertise in the practice of refractive surgery in the international arena, with numerous publications in peer reviewed journals and books on refractive surgery to our credit. We were one of the first clinic in UK to offer Implantable Contact lenses and Accommodative lenses as well as Intacs surgery to patients in UK and indeed worldwide.

Our clinic and facilities are of the highest standards

We are confident our screening programme is the most comprehensive you will ever have using the most sophisticated instruments available. We will fully explain all the benefits and risks involved in any procedure or treatment you are suitable for.

Our Clinic is Consultant led

We offer a private medical consultation to every patient with one of our Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeons who are experts in all forms of corrective surgery, not just laser eye surgery. You will be looked after by a consultant eye surgeon from start to finish and not by a technician or optometrist.

Price Policy Guaranteed

Corrective eye surgery is an investment worth every penny.Our aim is to provide the most advanced treatments with the highest standards of safety at an affordable price. Our prices represent true value for money.In the event that you find a lower price for the same treatment elsewherewe will match that price (written quote for identical treatment or implant applies.)

We do not compromise on safety to save you money

Our facility is regulated by the Care Quality Commission and offer a Quality assured service. We set the benchmark for safety standards for others to follow and we have the back up of the NHS to deal with any problems that may arise.

We offer highly personalized care to ensure every one of our clients achieves positively life-changing results.

Every patient is treated as an individual and is given a bespoke treatment plan tailored to your particular requirements and situation. Before any treatment decisions are made, therefore, all prospective patients are given a comprehensive and unhurried consultation during which their particular needs are expertly assessed and all possible options fully explored.

Available for you…

We are on call for advice 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Our clinical team and surgeons are available to answer any questions and deal with any problems you have at any time – giving you peace of mind. We will ensure continued care and understanding through our comprehensive after care programme

Fixed Prices

Our pricing structure is completely transparent as well as competitive. Prior to your surgery you will be advised of the total cost of your procedure and follow up for up to a year is normally included. You can relax knowing that there will be no further fees incurred.

We are not just for the rich and famous

Whilst we appreciate that so many professional athletes, entertainers, and other VIPs choose us all of our patients get the same exceptional service as our most demanding VIPs. We do not allow financial considerations to be the most significant hurdle in your decision to have surgery and strive to make this life changing surgery affordable to all.

We will even take care of your travel arrangements.

A full range of travel packages including hospital accommodation if required and even transport to and from hospital are available. If you live outside the UK we will even offer flight, ground transport and hotel accommodation to suit any budget as part of a package of your overall treatment.

“How do you begin to thank someone for giving you the gift of sight? While I had always been interested in laser eye surgery, I was afraid of the actual procedure. I didn’t trust any clinic that boasted to have done millions of surgeries or that offered discount prices. Can you really put a price on your eyes? The team at Viewpoint are simply amazing. Everyone made me feel welcome from the minute I walked through the door. They took the time to answer my many questions and addressed all my fears.

Viewpoint offers the latest technology and experience to put any patient at ease. I am still impressed by the high level of personalized care I have received both before and after my procedure. You won’t get that at just any clinic! Now, I am no longer a slave to my contact lenses! Thank you for giving me freedom! You are the best!!!” Dawn R from Manchester

“Had surgery on 23rd Sept 06 and can’t recommend Viewpoint highly enough. From the initial consultation which was very detailed and informative, through to the procedure and aftercare, there is very little to find fault with. I had medium myopia and astigmatism in both eyes and needed glasses all the time. I had surgery at 5pm Saturday and, after being checked, drove 60 miles home the following morning with no problems. My eyesight has continued to improve since then and is now better than 20/20 in both eyes. The procedure was wavefront-guided LASIK and was explained fully to me before hand. Viewpoint did everything they could to make the process as easy as possible including booking a hotel room for me. They even took me to the hotel after the procedure when my taxi didn’t turn up – great service. I certainly have no regrets about having the procedure or choosing Viewpoint.” Philip B from Nottinghamshire


I have worn reading glasses for years so I decided I would go for laser surgery. Read several negative reviews on high street stores and it appeared it was a case of do the procedure and that's it, no aftercare as such and not always good results. But then I came across Viewpoint. The reviews were good so I made an appointment. Although I initially thought I would be having laser surgery, Dr Chitkara recommended I had a Raindrop Implant. Although the thought of someone cutting my eye and inserting a lens, albeit tiny, terrified me I thought I would take the plunge and go for it! I can honestly say it was totally painless. Drops are administered in the eye and you cannot feel a thing. The procedure took about ten minutes and post-op Dr Chitkara suggested I take paracetamol if there was any discomfort - there wasn't. I have been for a check up every four weeks and everything is fine. I can now read without glasses unless it is very small, faint print. It can take six months to see the full benefit. I would definitely recommend Dr Chitkara and the Raindrop Implant, just wish I had had it done years ago! Beverley W –  Cheshire July 2016
Not the most pleasant surgery experience I’ve ever been subjected to but wow! What a great result! 34 years with spectacles and now 20-20 vision and given up smoking to boot! Well worth it!
Roy A  
My consultation was absolutely hospitable and enjoyable. I wish I knew this man before because I went elsewhere and did not receive adequate help even though I paid fees, causing me so much stress. The operation was easy, painless and all through the process DR Chitkara and staff were very friendly and reassuring. This has changed my life completely now my sight is restored. Dr Chitkara even phoned me after surgery at home to make sure I was doing well. I can’t say enough how I appreciate his service and kindness.
Amare G   
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