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Laser Eye Surgery

Laser eye surgery has changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world for over 20 years

Over 20 million patients have been treated worldwide with outstanding results

Viewpoint is one of the leading clinics in Europe for laser treatment

We remain at the forefront of laser technology throughout And continue to export our expertise as a training centre for laser eye surgeons since 2004

Mr Deepak Chitkara is one of the first surgeons in UK to offer this treatment since 1995.

His worldwide reputation as an innovator and leader in this field is underscored by 1000s of successful treatments as well as the numerous peer reviewed research articles, books, chapters on laser eye surgery and presentations at International conferences that are to his credit.


Laser Eye Surgery to correct vision was first performed on a sighted eye in June 1988 by Marguerite B McDonald in New Orleans, USA. Our principal surgeon, Mr Deepak Chitkara was one of her trainee Fellows. Under her guidance and inspiration he was also one of the first surgeons in UK to perform Laser Eye Surgery and more specifically LASIK in 1995 also known as ALK at the time. Today there are many advances in laser technology and techniques which have significantly improved the outcomes for all and made the procedure very safe and risk free. The choice of procedures available enables you to customise the treatment for your specific needs.

Viewpoint is proud to be able to offer:
  • State-of-the-art treatment at affordable prices while achieving Clinical Excellence
  • Highly qualified and experienced eye surgeons with over 20 years experience in vision correction
  • All options for your vision correction fully explained including LASIK, LASEK/PRK, Intralase or Femtosecond and implant procedures.
  • All Laser LASIK and Wavefront guided technology.
  • Fully comprehensive after care programme following your surgery
  • Fixed, all inclusive prices regardless of your prescription starting from £945 per eye
I had refractive lens exchange. I never thought I would be brave enough- but I need not have worried. It was a very professional , efficient and reassuring experience. The surgery was pain free, with no injections. The results are outstanding. To be free of glasses and contact lenses is a relief. I’m very pleased. Thank you so much.
Ellen M  
A very professional team who did a great job from start to finish. Mr Chitkara is an excellent surgeon who provided an excellent service. I wish that I had laser treatment sooner.
Mark M  
Brilliant treatment from start to finish. I would recommend this doctor 100% to anyone. Brilliant eye sight.
Suasan R   
Laser Eye Surgery
Laser eye surgery has improved the vision and changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Read more >
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