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Laser Eye Surgery
Laser eye surgery has improved the vision and changed the lives of millions of people throughout the world. Read more >
Contact Lens Implant
A superior alternative to Laser vision correction – approved by NASA. Implantable contact lenses are one of the most exciting breakthroughs in advanced vision care. Read more >
Refractive Lens Exchange
For patients over 45 - 50 years who need reading glasses, Refractive Lens Exchange with advanced multifocal and accommodative lens implants is a revolutionary breakthrough. Read more >

Viewpoint Vision

Welcome to our Independent Private Clinic

Choosing a surgeon and clinic wisely has never been more important than now. Choosing Viewpoint Vision means:

  • Outstanding Patient Experience
  • Exceptional Surgeons
  • Latest Techniques and Technology
  • Competitive All Inclusive Prices
  • Comprehensive Aftercare

100% Independent – We are one of an Elite group of laser eye surgery clinics in UK that are completely Independent and not tied to any lens or laser companies.

Bespoke Treatment Plans – We offer are as unique as you and are tailored to your individual needs.

Unrivalled Surgical Expertise comes with a superb standard of care. We will treat you as our Guest throughout your association with us.

Regardless of complexity we are one of only a handful of clinics in UK capable of achieving amazing results.

We can provide you with information about all the common procedures used to correct your dependence on glasses and contact lenses. You will be able to discover whether you are a good candidate and which procedure might be the best for you. You will also be able to learn about the other procedures which you may not be familiar with but may be the most appropriate for your particular needs. Procedures such as Visian ICL contact lens implants and Intacs and how these have changed patients lives.

Patients often describe their vision correction procedures as “Miraculous” or “Wish I had this done years earlier”. No two eyes are the same and no two experiences are the same but these type of phrases are common place in our practice and makes my work so enjoyable. I understand how emotional eye surgery can be and how daunting the decision to undergo surgery is, but we will try to reduce your anxiety by providing you all the information you need to make a considered choice.

Viewpoint Vision is based in St Helens close to Manchester, Liverpool, Warrington, Cheshire, Leeds and other all areas in the north West of England. If you have a vision problem, contact Viewpoint Vision today.

Laser Eye Surgery & Laser Vision Correction

LASIK eye surgery has rapidly gained popularity throughout the United Kingdom because it is quick, relatively painless, and offers exceptional results.
Our practice is focused on providing optimal vision and eye correction to patients. We are proud to offer highly customised LASIK surgery using Bausch & Lomb’s state-of-the-art Zyoptix(TM) system. The system ensures that you receive treatment that is tailored to your unique visual needs.

We are committed to safety and thoroughly screening each of our patients before performing a refractive procedure. If you are not a good candidate for LASIK laser eye surgery, we may be able to suggest an alternative vision correction procedure or treatment such as Intacs or Implantable Contact Lenses/Refractive lens exchange with accommodating implants.

Our practice strives to find the best corrective solution for even the most challenging visual problems.

I had refractive lens exchange. I never thought I would be brave enough- but I need not have worried. It was a very professional , efficient and reassuring experience. The surgery was pain free, with no injections. The results are outstanding. To be free of glasses and contact lenses is a relief. I’m very pleased. Thank you so much.
The results are outstanding  Ellen M  
A very professional team who did a great job from start to finish. Mr Chitkara is an excellent surgeon who provided an excellent service. I wish that I had laser treatment sooner.
Mr Chitkara is an excellent surgeon  Mark M  
Brilliant treatment from start to finish. I would recommend this doctor 100% to anyone. Brilliant eye sight.
Brilliant eye sight  Suasan R