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Cataract Surgery

Cataract surgery is one of the most common surgeries performed today. It is quick, safe and a great investment to improve the quality of your life.

Now there is no need to wait on a long NHS waiting list or rely on the postcode lottery to see clearly!

Viewpoint will make this investment in your health a painless, stress free and affordable option.


“New intensity of colours”
“Why did I wait so long”
“A life changing experience”

About half of the population over age 65 has a cataract, or cloudiness of the eye’s natural lens. If you are suffering from this vision problem, we can perform cataract surgery at our St Helens centre. The surgery is an outpatient procedure that is quick, painless, and often very effective. Before you receive cataract surgery at our St Helens practice, we will determine the strength of the lens that will be placed in your eye. On the day of surgery, we will give you a local anaesthetic and make a small incision in your eye with the aid of an operating microscope. The surgeon will remove the cloudy lens from your eye and replace it with a permanent intraocular lens (IOL) implant. The incision will be closed, and a shield will be placed over your eye. You will then be allowed to return home, provided you have someone to drive you.

Occasionally, the capsule that once contained your natural lens may become cloudy and you may experience reduced vision in the weeks or months following cataract surgery. This is called an after-cataract. If you experience this, you will need to return to our St Helens clinic to undergo a fairly common procedure called a YAG laser capsulotomy. During this procedure, the surgeon will use a laser to cut a hole in the capsule so that light can once again pass through to the retina unobstructed.

Download File: What You Need to Know About Cataracts

I have worn reading glasses for years so I decided I would go for laser surgery. Read several negative reviews on high street stores and it appeared it was a case of do the procedure and that's it, no aftercare as such and not always good results. But then I came across Viewpoint. The reviews were good so I made an appointment. Although I initially thought I would be having laser surgery, Dr Chitkara recommended I had a Raindrop Implant. Although the thought of someone cutting my eye and inserting a lens, albeit tiny, terrified me I thought I would take the plunge and go for it! I can honestly say it was totally painless. Drops are administered in the eye and you cannot feel a thing. The procedure took about ten minutes and post-op Dr Chitkara suggested I take paracetamol if there was any discomfort - there wasn't. I have been for a check up every four weeks and everything is fine. I can now read without glasses unless it is very small, faint print. It can take six months to see the full benefit. I would definitely recommend Dr Chitkara and the Raindrop Implant, just wish I had had it done years ago! Beverley W –  Cheshire July 2016
Not the most pleasant surgery experience I’ve ever been subjected to but wow! What a great result! 34 years with spectacles and now 20-20 vision and given up smoking to boot! Well worth it!
Roy A  
My consultation was absolutely hospitable and enjoyable. I wish I knew this man before because I went elsewhere and did not receive adequate help even though I paid fees, causing me so much stress. The operation was easy, painless and all through the process DR Chitkara and staff were very friendly and reassuring. This has changed my life completely now my sight is restored. Dr Chitkara even phoned me after surgery at home to make sure I was doing well. I can’t say enough how I appreciate his service and kindness.
Amare G   
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