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This natural disaster once again reminds us of the awesome power of Nature. Viewpoint is proud to be able to support the people of Nepal in their hour of need  by donating £50 to the DEC.

All our best wishes to the people of Nepal

Thank you for your donations
Thank you for your donations

Every day we transform peoples eyesight so that they do not need their glasses. If you have any old glasses laying around taking up valuable shelf space please feel free to drop them in to our office at any time. We will happily take them off your hands and ensure your spectacles are recycled for use in developing countries.

Help Eradicate World Blindness!


Viewpoint invites you to an Interactive Tailored Workshop to:

  • Help you meet your patients’ needs
  • Understand Why and How to improve eye care in the community
  • Cover a range of conditions manageable in the community
  • Help you understand when and where to refer

DATE:             WEDNESDAY 29TH OCTOBER 2014

TIME:              1.30 pm to 8.00pm



To Reserve your place contact Anne Walsh by:

E mail: or Fax Back: 01744 646819 Tel:  01744 646643

Name ……………………………… Practice………………………………… Contact Tel: ………………….

Please forward any questions you would like to discuss in the Interactive Sessions

Clear Lens Exchange for Reading Vision Correction

Our latest audit of Clear lens Exchange surgery to correct Reading vision with latest generation of advanced Multifocal Lens Implants used at our clinic since 2012 shows excellent results and patient satisfaction.

Multifocal Implants allow 97.5% of patients to read newspaper prints without glasses

Our recent audit of patients undergoing Clear Lens Exchange to correct reading vision with our latest generation Multifocal Lens Implants has confirmed our belief in the procedure. All 100% of patients reported complete satisfaction with the procedure with all achieving their primary aim of freedom from reading glasses as well as distance glasses for most of their daily life. Of all the patients surveyed 97.5% could read small print on newspapers and thread a needle without glasses and of the remaining  2.5% required reading glasses only for very fine print. All this and still keep the ability to see distance without glasses. For anyone requiring reading glasses or over 50 years of age Clear lens exchange is an increasingly popular and effective procedure. Unlike other procedures such as laser eye surgery the big advantage is that the results are permanent. The ability to see is enhanced with both eyes working together unlike monovision where one eye is focused for distance and one eye is used for reading. Patients therefore can have a more natural vision. The operation is quick and painless under topical (eye drop) anaesthesia. No needles are used and recovery is even more rapid with most patients able to drive within 24 -48 hours. Viewpoint prides itself in offering the very latest lens implants. we were the first clinic in The world to offer the Tetraflex accommodating lens implants to correct vision and with the latest generation of Multifocal Lens, The Diffractiva lens,  we continue to offer the most advanced technology and highest quality in lens design to our patients. To find out more please contact us on 01744 646643

Viewpoint Sponsors Football Team

Viewpoint is the official sponsor of team kit for Litherland Blue under 9’s football team in the local FA affiliated Hightown league.

Litherland Blue under 9's

Litherland Blue under 9’s

The team enables youngsters in the local area with football talent to develop to their full potential. The was established in 2011 and have been very successful in this short period winning many tornaments across UK such as the Roach Dynamos Tournament in Runcorn and Bookvale tournament in Burnley.


Mr Chitkara is now offering eye consultations and treatment at BMI Alexandra Hospital, Cheadle.

Alexandra Hospital is long established as the second largest private hospital in UK with a reputation for providing excellent healthcare. Clinic appointments to see Mr Chitkara can be arranged either directly through Alexandra Hospital tel 01614283656 or via Viewpoint Vision  tel ; 01744646643

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